Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby's First Urbex

Yesterday, our epic adventure was a trip to the abandoned zoo in Griffith Park. We went in some of the cages (I naturally had no camera with me, sorry) and some sort of clearly veterinary building. It's pretty cool  that L.A. has left the old zoo there and leaves it open for visitors. Although I will say there's something funny about an "abandoned" zoo with manicured lawn. 

A good time was had by all. I need to find more cool places for us to check out (I can't stand hanging out around my apartment for long stretches of time).

Oh and since I know my non-existent reader base is dying to know, I did, in fact, get that blender part and so smoothies were had by all too. Yay! 

Also I made cake pops--so wow, I'm such a mom. :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

kitchen experiment update

OK so the horchata--is actually pretty good but a bit thin. It needed more blending.  I considered throwing it all back in the blender after I let it sit per the instructions of Mr. The Internet (it's an recipe I'm just too damned lazy to Google and insert a link).  However, when I picked up the blender the broken twist on part split fully into 2 pieces thus rendering my blender useless until I buy one of those thing-a-ma-bobs or until I replace my blender (more expensive but probably easier). At any rate, I procured more popscicle molds from my friendly neighborhood dollar store (they're cute--they look like little folded up umbrellas and the handles look like little umbrella handles and everything! I don't understand exactly why but we don't question the crazy stuff at the dollar store). So, I'm anxious for them to freeze so we can eat the crazy horchata popscicles.

I really wanted to make smoothies today. Stupid blender.

Now for dinner:  For the primary vegetable matter I'm torn between artichoke hearts or roasted brussles sprouts (which by the way renders them edible--seriously roast the hell out of them and they're actually really tasty).  I need to go veggie shopping, but I'm lazy so I'm going with what's in the freezer.

kitchen experiments of the moment

Contrary to popular belief, stay at home mom's have a shit ton of time on their hands (do you hear the angry mob of SAHM's coming to lynch me? I do). Anyway, this allows us to do all the weird shit we used to dream about doing in our horrible soul sucking day jobs.  Today's weird shit: Horchata Popsicles and Macaroni and Cheese with Egg!

The latter was my toddler's idea. By "idea" I mean loud insistence. The macaroni and cheese must have egg in it. I mixed it into the sauce. It was OK but I don't think we'll do it again.

I'm attempting horchata right now. And also my blender thingy broke (the screw on cap part on the bottom of the jar).  It still attaches but it's cracked and so the jar thingy leaks a bit. I'm torn between trying to find a screw on thing online and just buying a new blender. I just gave away an extra blender I had right before moving here. Damn. Anyway, Mr. The Internet said to blend up some rice and water, leave this sitting at room temperature for 3 hours, strain the rice (DUDE I ACTUALLY HAVE CHEESECLOTH!!!OMG!) and then add some other crap and chill it. Other crap is vanilla extract and cinnamon and sugar.  I have another hour to go before this step.

OK, I'm going to go read a book now. Yes an actual book--wooo. And not even a kid's book either. Awesome.

Welcome to my Grouch House blog

I'm a housewife, I'm grouchy, I swear a lot. I'm also a writer working on a novella (or something) that is going nowhere fast. Ever tried writing while singing Mary had a Little Lamb to a toddler? Yeah, it doesn't work very well. I average 100 words per day and that, while pathetic, is a fucking miracle.

Right now, my child is sleeping. As in napping. My kid is NAPPING! This never happens. Ever. My kid gave up naps months ago.

So yeah this is more or less a mommy blog (I have two of them but my other one is a boring "I can't swear on it boring as shit mommy blog like there aren't a billion of those, right?). This is also a "I moved to a new city and check out all the cool shit I found blog." My friends at home are sick of hearing about how much cooler my city is and my friends here already know about all these places. Also, I think they consider me a god damned tourist (not far off because if I had significant amounts of cash, my kid and I would totally do a lot of the touristy shit).

Oh and I live in L.A.

Oh and you can expect me to bitch about my neighbors. Fuck my neighbors. Bunch of loud ghetto assholes.

See, I told you I'm grouchy.