Monday, April 30, 2012

kitchen experiments of the moment

Contrary to popular belief, stay at home mom's have a shit ton of time on their hands (do you hear the angry mob of SAHM's coming to lynch me? I do). Anyway, this allows us to do all the weird shit we used to dream about doing in our horrible soul sucking day jobs.  Today's weird shit: Horchata Popsicles and Macaroni and Cheese with Egg!

The latter was my toddler's idea. By "idea" I mean loud insistence. The macaroni and cheese must have egg in it. I mixed it into the sauce. It was OK but I don't think we'll do it again.

I'm attempting horchata right now. And also my blender thingy broke (the screw on cap part on the bottom of the jar).  It still attaches but it's cracked and so the jar thingy leaks a bit. I'm torn between trying to find a screw on thing online and just buying a new blender. I just gave away an extra blender I had right before moving here. Damn. Anyway, Mr. The Internet said to blend up some rice and water, leave this sitting at room temperature for 3 hours, strain the rice (DUDE I ACTUALLY HAVE CHEESECLOTH!!!OMG!) and then add some other crap and chill it. Other crap is vanilla extract and cinnamon and sugar.  I have another hour to go before this step.

OK, I'm going to go read a book now. Yes an actual book--wooo. And not even a kid's book either. Awesome.

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