Monday, April 30, 2012

kitchen experiment update

OK so the horchata--is actually pretty good but a bit thin. It needed more blending.  I considered throwing it all back in the blender after I let it sit per the instructions of Mr. The Internet (it's an recipe I'm just too damned lazy to Google and insert a link).  However, when I picked up the blender the broken twist on part split fully into 2 pieces thus rendering my blender useless until I buy one of those thing-a-ma-bobs or until I replace my blender (more expensive but probably easier). At any rate, I procured more popscicle molds from my friendly neighborhood dollar store (they're cute--they look like little folded up umbrellas and the handles look like little umbrella handles and everything! I don't understand exactly why but we don't question the crazy stuff at the dollar store). So, I'm anxious for them to freeze so we can eat the crazy horchata popscicles.

I really wanted to make smoothies today. Stupid blender.

Now for dinner:  For the primary vegetable matter I'm torn between artichoke hearts or roasted brussles sprouts (which by the way renders them edible--seriously roast the hell out of them and they're actually really tasty).  I need to go veggie shopping, but I'm lazy so I'm going with what's in the freezer.

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