Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome to my Grouch House blog

I'm a housewife, I'm grouchy, I swear a lot. I'm also a writer working on a novella (or something) that is going nowhere fast. Ever tried writing while singing Mary had a Little Lamb to a toddler? Yeah, it doesn't work very well. I average 100 words per day and that, while pathetic, is a fucking miracle.

Right now, my child is sleeping. As in napping. My kid is NAPPING! This never happens. Ever. My kid gave up naps months ago.

So yeah this is more or less a mommy blog (I have two of them but my other one is a boring "I can't swear on it boring as shit mommy blog like there aren't a billion of those, right?). This is also a "I moved to a new city and check out all the cool shit I found blog." My friends at home are sick of hearing about how much cooler my city is and my friends here already know about all these places. Also, I think they consider me a god damned tourist (not far off because if I had significant amounts of cash, my kid and I would totally do a lot of the touristy shit).

Oh and I live in L.A.

Oh and you can expect me to bitch about my neighbors. Fuck my neighbors. Bunch of loud ghetto assholes.

See, I told you I'm grouchy.

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